We are transforming the online business world
"We believe that information should be available everywhere and at any time. This is why we help infopreneurs to automate their businesses in the best way possible. We enable them to make their unique knowledge accessible to millions of people – making the world a better place, step by step."
Sven Platte (CEO)
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Who we are

We are committed to help small and medium enterprises succeed online. That purpose is what makes everybody here an entrepreneur within the enterprise. If you bring this attitude, we will provide you with opportunities for growth and taking ownership to help us create a better world. We will ask a lot from you, and we will give back a lot in return: a terrific team, personal growth opportunities, and an environment that promotes your individual performance.

Who we are looking for

To make it clear: Digistore24 is not for everybody. We hold ourselves to higher standards than most. We want you to expand your limits, to make an impact and to embody the values, behaviours and culture which are essential to our success. To come and stay here you need commitment, honesty, a growth mindset and drive within the inherent uncertainty of a fast growing company. Make sure, that our culture is the right fit for you before you apply.

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Senior Frontend Developer (German))
Home office / Flexible
10 May 2018
Manual QA Tester (German)
Home office / Flexible
01 June 2018
Senior Backend Developer PHP (German)
Home office / Flexible
05 May 2018
Senior Backend Developer Java (German)
Home office / Flexible
05 May 2018
Mobile JavaScript Developer (German)
Home office / Flexible
15 May 2018
Technical Consultant
Home office / Flexible
01 June 2018
How-to Video Producer (Deutsch)
Home office / Flexible
15 April 2018
Online Editor/Writer (Deutsch)
Home office / Flexible
23 March 2018

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Our team

Get to know the people behind our
success and see what drives them.

“From day one there were real
problems to solve and that’s what I did.”
Lars Rieger
Head of Design
Application process

Application documents

Send us a cool text or a 2-5 minute long video, in which you introduce yourself and explain to us, why you will be the right fit for Digistore24.

The interview

If you have convinced us, we want to get to know you and learn more about your personality, strengths and goals. During the interview we also want to provide a glimpse into our corporate culture and will answer your questions gladly.


Once you've made it and joined our team, the onboarding will start. We will support you from the beginning to become familiar with how we work and in achieving your personal goals within the company.

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